Crime Bill

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The Crime Bill was a Liberalian law. It has since been repealed by the people of Liberalia.

[edit] The Bill


This bill aims to set out the way in which criminals are punished in WWSETI.

i) Although rehabilitation is an important aspect of criminal sentencing, it should be secondary to punishment. As such, we would enforce hard-line sentences on serious crimes such as murder and rape. Murder would be punishable solely by life-imprisonment and rape would carry a minimum sentence of 20 years imprisonment.

ii) However, we would maintain "Open Prisons" for less serious crimes, where those who have committed "victimless crimes" and minor offences would serve their sentences.

iii) Should a prisoner who is being held for a serious crime present good behaviour consistantly, it will make no difference to his/her treatment or sentence length.

iv) We would also remove "Creature comforts" such as televisions and games consoles from all prisons in WWSETI, as we do not consider these to be suitable punishment for people who have adversely affected the lives of others.

v) We will give prisoners opportunities to learn new skills whilst in prison to ensure that when they leave, they do not revert to crime.

vi) We will make criminals contribute towards the cost of their imprisonment, with a judge deciding how much they are able to contribute towards their costs dependant on their material wealth. If they are deemed unable of paying towards their imprisonment, they will be forced to carry out community service (under careful police monitoring) for a duration chosen by the judge after their release from prison.

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